Dr. Junaid Farooq

PhD (Artificial Intelligence), National Institute of Technology Srinagar

Senior Machine Learning Engineer & AI Team Lead, StartUs Insights, Vienna

Hi, I'm Junaid

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I am an engineer, researcher, and technology enthusiast. I have bachelors and masters degrees in Engineering from National Institute of Technology (NIT) Srinagar. Recently, I completed a PhD degree in Artificial Intelligence from NIT Srinagar under the supervision of  Prof. Mohammad Abid Bazaz.

My research work mainly involves development and integration of various artificial intelligence and deep learning techniques to achieve advances in computational intelligence with applications in NLP, generative modelling, and machine learning.

Currently, at StartUs Insights, I lead the AI team that enhances a Big Data & AI-powered platform, servicing major corporate partners by deploying advanced machine learning models. My role involves fine-tuning and deploying large language models , vision models, embedding models, audio generation models, and other such AI technologies to get the best of the massive data available with the company and build AI tools such as chatbots, summarizers, data analtics systems, feature extraction systems, and content generators.

I strongly believe that the future of technology will be at the intersection of artificial intelligence and human intelligence.

Areas of Interest: Artificial Intelligence, Deep Learning, Machine Learning, Large Language Models, Generative Modeling,

Programming Skills: Python, Matlab & Simulink, C++, SQL

AI/NLP/CV/Data Science related tools: Pytorch Langchain OpenAI Tensorflow  Keras   Rasa  DialogFlow  NLTK  Numpy  Scipy  Sckikit-learn  Pandas  Matplotlib  AWS   OpenCV  Cuda Docker

PhD Degree Awarded - Snapshots from Public Defense of PhD thesis at NIT Srinagar (24 April, 2024)

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